About us

We are a diversified company with business interest in eight strategic sectors. Registered as a BOI approved company in Sri Lanka and empowered through our strong roots in Japan, we bring innovation, cutting-edge technology and knowledge to Sri Lanka and beyond.

We enjoy a growing presence in various business sectors such as renewable energy, plantations, automobile, transportation and logistics, leisure and tours, education and training, investment facilitation and information technology. Nurturing progressive business and economic relations between Japan and Sri Lanka, Sustainability is the linchpin that connects all our operations.

Our Vision

We envision a future powered by cutting edge technology through concentrated efforts to forge a strategic alliance between Japan and Sri Lanka while making a significant contribution to the Sri Lankan economy.

Our Mission

We aspire be among top five in our chosen industries through strategic alliances.

Our Values

We seek to create a positive economic, social and environmental impact through all that we do. All our efforts are driven by Innovation, integrity, respect, quality, teamwork, transparency and commitment to engaging in sustainable business practices.

Our People

Power of creativity, strong work ethics and the ability to think beyond any conventional frame are the hallmarks of our people. We seek to empower our people to pursue personal growth in tandem with Company growth.

Our workforce is made out of individuals with a wide range of talents, proficiencies and market knowledge. Their collective strength and professionalism steers the Company towards achieving specific goals and global reach.

“You don’t build a business – you build people
and then people build your business”
- Zig Ziglar